- Step 1

Install Mount

Choose your Domio mounting location on top, side or back of helmet. Use an area with no openings to affix the mount.

Wipe helmet surface clean, remove adhesive backing, and stick on the Domio mount. Hold mount down firmly for 15 seconds.

- Step 2

Insert Domio

Wait at least 30 minutes for adhesive on mount to cure properly. Slide device from the back into the mount until the end. To remove Domio, push down on release tabs and slide out.

- Step 3


Power on your Domio device. 

Ensure that the LED on your Domio is alternating blue and red. This indicates pairing mode. If it isn't, press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons until the LED flashes blue and red.

Connect your Domio to your phone using the phone's Bluetooth settings

Recommended mounting positions for your Domio

SIDE: Balanced mids & highs
TOP: More highs, moderate bass
BACK: Rich sound, deep bass

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