- Step 1

Install Domio Mount

Choose your optimal Domio mounting location. For communication, it is recommended to place the Domio on either side of the helmet, close to your ears. Use an area with no openings to affix the mount.

Wipe surface of helmet clean to ensure proper adhesion.

Remove adhesive backing and stick the Domio mount onto the helmet in the desired location. Press firmly for 15 seconds. Wait at least 30 minutes before inserting the Domio

- Step 2


NOTE: ProMic™ should be mounted on the inside of the chin guard for best performance.

Take the included VELCRO® mounting square, peel off the adhesive backing and attach it to either the left or right side of the chin guard as shown. Do not attach directly in the middle of the chin guard to avoid breathing on the microphone.
NOTE: Attach the VELCRO® mounting square close to the bottom of the chin guard and leave at least 0.5 inches between the mounting square and any helmet padding.

Let the mounting square cure for at least 30 minutes before attaching the ProMic™

- Step 3


Power on the Domio by holding the center POWER BUTTON for 3 seconds

Turn on the ProMic™ by holding the protruding POWER BUTTON for 3 seconds.

The ProMic™ will automatically pair with your Domio. If pairing is successful the ProMic™ LED will flash blue every 6 seconds.

Check helmet selection setting to ensure ProMic™ is on FULL FACE mode. Press and hold the helmet button for 3 seconds. The ProMic™ LED will flash white once for FULL FACE mode and twice for OPEN FACE mode.

Ensure your Domio is in PAIRING MODE. The Domio LED should be flashing blue and red. If it is not, hold the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN BUTTON for 3 seconds to enter PAIRING MODE.

Use the Bluetooth settings on your phone to pair with your Domio.

- Step 1


Slide Domio fully into mount. To Remove Domio, push down on both release tabs and slide the Domio out of the mount.

- Step 1


Attach ProMic™ to the VELCRO® mounting square using the VELCRO® strip on the ProMic™. Ensure the pointed end of the ProMic™ is facing up


What is Domio Moto

Domio Moto is the next generation of helmet audio technology. Domio Moto mounts to the exterior of your helmet and, using microvibration technology, transforms your helmet into a surround sound system. No inserts or earbuds required. Check it out here:  https://domiosports.com/products/moto-helmet-audio

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