The wait is finally over. We've launched our intercom app, ProRide™, for open testing on Android devices only. We're inviting you to register your account and try it out for yourself.

Please note that we are still in testing phase and would really appreciate your feedback. Every little bit helps 😊

Of course you can't really try out an intercom app all by let's invite some of your friends too! Here's the best part: they don't even need a MotoPro to use the app. Users of any comms devices can join ProRide™ (as long as their comms devices can pair to their phones via bluetooth).

Just fill out the form linked below and let us know the email addresses of up to 3 friends that you would like to invite (because account-creation is currently on an invite-only basis, we need this information to allow them to register for an account). Once you submit the form, we'll e-mail them private links to create their accounts. Don't forget to give them a heads up!

Note: If you only have access to iOS devices, please give us another 6 weeks to launch the iOS version. We are still fixing some bugs, sorry!

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