1. Helmet Prep

Select a flat surface on the top or side of the helmet to place the mount. Use the provided alcohol wipe and clean the surface for any debris.

Recommended Areas for Placing Mount on Helmet

2. Mount

Peel the backing on the mount and firmly press the mount against the helmet. Let the mount set for at least 20 minutes before inserting the Domio.

Mounting Manual - wait period

3. Domio

Slide the Domio into the mount and then hook the strap on both ends of the mount. Ensure the strap is secured around the back of the Domio. To remove, unhook strap and twist Domio.

When to insert and remove mount

4. Device Pairing

Press the power button to turn the device on. Enable Bluetooth on your phone. Connect to DOMIO on your list of Bluetooth devices. Domio is now ready to play music.  

Pressing power and pair with Bluetooth Device

Domio Indicators & Controls

Pressing power and pair with Bluetooth Device