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August 6th 2020

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone is staying safe and coping well with the madness that we are all going through.

Our team at Domio Sports has been waiting for a long time to be able to write this update for you. We didn't want to jump the gun despite some early optimism, but we are finally back! Thank you so much for your patience and hanging in there. 

As this unprecedented pandemic impacted all of us globally, the last few months for a young business like Domio Sports have been especially difficult. We started to feel the impact of COVID in our supply chain as early as January with supplies being delayed from Asia. Then, as the pandemic spread, we experienced complete shut downs and shortages in supply, coupled with a significant reduction in sales. Larger more mature companies would typically have stockpiled some inventory and cash to buffer against such circumstances, but this was not that case for us, and the supply shock caused by the pandemic really hit us hard. 

So it was a tough few months and we were forced to do everything we could to survive. But we are back, stronger than ever before!

In short we have now entered into a new manufacturing/supply chain partnership that will be better suited to protect us against supply shocks like that one we have just seen. Our manufacturing partners will also be extending us generous financing terms which will allow us to better ramp up and scale manufacturing and get products out quickly. Demand is coming back into the market, and things are looking up.

So what’s next? When will remaining backer units ship?

We are selling and manufacturing Domio products as I type. Selling/marketing our products to new customers is key to keeping the lights on for the business, so please don’t think we forgot about you, the backers who came before our new customers. With each batch of product we are manufacturing, we are allocating the maximum amount of units to fulfill the remaining backer orders. At this point we expect backer orders to resume shipping in early September and expect to fulfill every last order by October. 

Our customer service team will not have any more information than this, so we ask that you refrain from contacting them as they are completely overwhelmed with queries these days. To improve our shipping transparency we are also working on a new order tracking portal that will be added to this page shortly, to allow you to look up your orders and see your specific ship date. 

I will resume regular updates here again until every last order is shipped. 

Thanks again for your support. 

From everyone @ the Domio Sports Team

March 19th 2020 - An Open Letter to our Backer Community

Dear backers, 

We would like to provide an update on the state of our company, sales, and manufacturing given the coronavirus pandemic, and its impact on our operations.

First and foremost we want to again recognize the faith that all the backers had in us and our vision to build game-changing audio and communication products for helmet sports. Without you we would not be able to get off the ground in the first place. Second, we want to apologize to the remaining backers who have yet to receive their orders. As promised from the onset, our plan has always been to fulfill all backer orders but please bear with us as we try to navigate our company during this challenging time. 

Operations: Our business is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and as with most locations worldwide, we are complying with work from home and social distancing directives. Our daily operations continue but we've asked 70% of our staff to work from home, with only certain engineering functions, which rely on on-site machinery/tools, taking place at the office. 

Supply Chain: While our final assembly takes place in Mexico and Canada, many of our components including plastics, batteries and packaging are made in China. Since mid-January we've seen a significant slow down in our suppliers' deliveries, with parts being delayed and short shipped. The coronavirus picked up steam in China over the Chinese New Year shutdown, resulting in a near stop of all remaining materials we needed to assemble further product. This made it near impossible for us to finish and ship the remaining MotoPro and ProRemote product as we had planned and communicated to you in our previous update.

In recent weeks our Chinese suppliers have started to resume operations but at partial capacity. We are expecting to receive the outstanding supply by early April but this is not yet certain as the situation is changing daily, and things can still get worse before they get better. At this point in time our best guess is that we will not be able to ship units until May this year. 

Financing: In late 2019 we spent a considerable amount of time trying to secure outside funding to help Domio Sports scale. We had promising discussions with leading companies in the audio/electronics and distribution space, which led to a significant financial agreement that was signed in February.

The funds were to be used for scaling manufacturing, fulfilling the remaining back orders and building larger product batches, so that we can stockpile inventory and better prepare for any fluctuations in future demand and supply.

With the pandemic outbreak and the crash of the financial markets, our discussions and finalization of this deal have been put on hold until further notice. See related CNBC Article: Many Silicon Valley deals are on pause until coronavirus uncertainty clears

Sales:  With the delay in funding, our ongoing sales are important for overall business operations and cash flow. 

While we wait for the outstanding parts for the MotoPro and ProRemote, we do have some remaining inventory of the Ripper and Moto models that we continue to sell (note: backers have received their orders of these units in 2019).

At this time we are focusing on selling and shipping this inventory of Ripper and Moto, as well as pre-selling the MotoPro and Remote with an estimated delivery of May. 

We recognize that all backers should ideally receive their units first, before selling to new customers. But, to best ensure that our business survives this pandemic and that we can guarantee to deliver the remaining pre-orders, we must  continue selling in the meantime. To put it another way: as much as we would like to, it is nearly impossible for us at this point to stop all new sales, deliver past pre-orders, and only resume sales afterwards. 

As a result, you will continue to see Domio Sports marketing and selling our products online, as we try to bring in much needed cash flow and navigate through this challenging time. 

Our Ask: We ask you for understanding when you see this, rather than frustration. We did not forget about our remaining backers, and once our supply side issues are resolved we will be shipping again. We ask that you consider our Customer Service team, who are doing their best during this trying time to answer all inquiries from backers, existing, and potential customers. 

We are grateful for your support and understanding. Without you we would not be here.  From all of us at Domio Sports we wish you and your families all the best during this hectic time. 

Stay safe,

Domio Sports Team

Bart & Sebastian - Founders

 Feb 10th 2020

Over the last couple of weeks we've had a slow down in MotoPro shipments to backers as we've been hit with supply side delays from our manufacturers in China due to Coronavirus shutdowns.

While our final assembly takes place in Mexico some of our materials like our plastics and packaging are made in China, and this has been a bottle neck lately. New MotoPro shipments are expected to resume in two weeks, afterwhich point we hope to have fulfilled 100% of the orders. 

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE - Jan 16th 2020

Steadily shipping out more units. We will likely slow down now due to Chinese New Year for 2 weeks but will resume in full fore after.

UPDATE - Jan 6th 2020

New year new shipments. 100s of MotoPros went out today. We hope to finally finish shipping all MotoPro orders by end of this month. Thanks for your patience!


No changes to report, shipping to resume end of of this week. 


MERRY XMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS from us at Domio. Nothing new to report, next batch of 500 Domio MotoPros being sent  after Christmas holidays. Thanks!


We're pushing as hard as we can to get all orders in your hands. MotoPros are now at 70% of the way there. App and ProRemote coming in January!


Steady shipments of MOTOPROs going out daily. Thank you everyone for the feedback so far. Very helpful and inspiring to hear about your first impressions. Please keep sharing! 

ProRemote - ETA mid January for all remote shipments.


A little bit slower over the holidays than we would have liked but we are continually shipping Domio MotoPros daily and picking up pace. New (detailed) setup video coming this week for those who've asked. 


Shipping continues steadily - we are at 32% shipped as of EOD today. For those who received your orders please continue to post your feedback, photos etc. It's much appreciated and always great to see our Domios on your helmets!


Not much new to report since our last update. The pace of shipping is becoming steady with 25% of orders shipped. We're attempting to go in chronological order but the tracking number issuance is not perfectly chronological. So, please don't be upset if you see someone behind you posting that they've received their tracking number before you. The numbers are not always sent chronologically (depends on destination) but your packages will be going out in order. 


Shipping continues, a bit slower this past week as shipping cross border has taken an extra few days given pre-holiday congestion. We expect to hit 25% complete by next Monday. We will be updating the shipment status weekly. 


Hi everyone, shipping has started last week with 10% of orders having already gone out. Orders are being fulfilled chronologically starting with Kickstarter, Indiegogo and then Backerkit. Units are being shipped daily and we expect that it will take us 4-6 weeks to get through all the orders to completion globally. We will be updating you every week until everyone has received their MotoPro.

Other updates:

Domio MotoPro App -  Will be released by the end of this year. We are still working out final kinks to make it Play Store and App Store compliant.

ProRemote: Production schedule is following our MotoPro production and will start in December. All units will be shipped to backers in January.


MOTOPRO STATUS: We've started shipping! It's official. MotoPros are leaving our warehouse. Tracking numbers should be hitting your inboxes by tomorrow morning. Please note shipping will be staged and not everyone will get their units at the same time ( as was the case the Ripper and Moto pre-orders). We will be working through orders chronologically. Thank you!


MOTOPRO STATUS: So here is the news that everyone has been waiting for. This afternoon we have successfully completed the required reliability engineering tests that were outstanding. The first shipments are being now processed by our 3PL and we anticipate the first backer units to be shipping out by Wednesday. We will update everyone again on Wednesday! Thanks.


MOTOPRO STATUS: We're sorry to say we've hit another snag that needs to be sorted out before we release the PROs to backers. I know this is hard and frustrating. Trust us, we want nothing more than to get these in your hands, but our first batch of MotoPro products are still being held pending completion of some final reliability testing, despite our communication last week. With any product, reliability testing is intended to test the product’s performance over a simulated product life cycle. Reliability testing is performed on a representative sample batch of product and is considered low risk in our case. Nevertheless, it is taking longer than we anticipated to successfully complete this testing and until we do, we are holding release of the first shipments. In ideal circumstances, had we more time, we would conduct reliability testing first but we are doing everything within reason to deliver our first units to backers. We expect to have testing complete by next week, and shipping to start then. We apologize for this are offering the following to our backers:

1. FREE MOUNT KITS TO ALL MOTOPRO BACKERS: As small token of our appreciation for your patience, we will be shipping all MotoPro backers a free mount kit worth $39 with their orders.

2. WARRANTY EXTENSION: All MotoPro backers will also receive a 3 month warranty extension on their devices. Since you will be getting your units late in the season, and may not use them until the warmer weather, we thought this was the right thing to do. 

ONLINE SALES: We see some folks are frustrated and questioning why we are selling product on our site before having shipping out all the pre-orders first. Please note that we are only selling the MOTO model in market, and this started only after all MOTO pre-orders were shipped to backers first. We do have a pre-order running for the MotoPro but these deliveries are not slated til December after backers get their Pros first.

Thanks for your patience. I hope to have a positive update for everyone next Monday.

UPDATE - OCT 15TH 2019

MOTOPRO UPDATE: Cargo has been cleared by customs and released this morning! It was a holiday yesterday (Monday), totally forgot about that last week. Shipping to start Thursday-Friday this week. 

UPDATE - OCT 11TH 2019

INTERIM UPDATE: Quick update on the MOTOPRO deliveries this Friday afternoon as I know everyone is waiting. In Monday's update we said that shipments would start the second half of this week. Unfortunately, our cargo from Mexico to US has been stuck with customs for the last 48hrs and we've been fighting to clear it. As of last night the paper work / admin issue was resolved and the cargo was to be released this morning. We were still hoping to be able to get some units out the door today,  but now DHL is telling us it will be released on Monday.  Once the cargo enters the US ( where our fulfillment team is on standby), we will start shipping units out immediately. I expect this will start Tuesday-Wednesday. Apologies for this. Will update everyone on Monday. 


MOTOPRO STATUS: MotoPro orders will start to ship this week as promised. We still need a couple days for fulfillment to get organized, and then shipping starts second half of this week!


MOTOPRO STATUS: Confirmed with our manufacturing team, MOTOPRO units will start shipping the week of Oct 7th! 

AIM EXPO: This past weekend we were exhibiting at the AIM (American International Motorcycle) Expo in Columbus, Ohio. We got a chance to meet over 100 Kickstarter and Indie backers. Everyone who tried the unit left with a big smile on their face and (I would say) a little bit of their patience restored. We will be sharing footage from the event shortly, as well as announcing new dates/ events for Oct and Nov across North America. Thanks for coming out!


Status: Nothing new to report today. Everything moving along as planned now. We expect to ship MOTOPRO units first-second week October. 

AIM EXPO: If you're around please come join/meet us at the AIM EXPO in Columbus, Ohio this Sept 28-29th. Booth 1217T. We'll be there demoing the new products and meeting backers/customers.


Hi everyone a quick update on status of a few Domio MOTO shipments for some international (non-US) customers. It was brought my attention that about 26 international orders that were initially shipped on August 23rd got stuck in customs and were returned to our warehouse.  These orders have been shipped out today. Sorry if you are one of the 26 affected by this, your Domio is on the way.


MOTO Status: All MOTO orders have been shipped now. The reviews that are streaming in have been very positive. We're thrilled that you're happy with your Domios, and it's awesome to see the photos and videos of backers sharing their Domio-helmet-ride setups. Please continue sharing on social, Kickstarter & Indiegogo.

MOTOPRO Status: Since the last and final delay pushing us to early October everything is moving ahead smoothly again. We expect to be shipping first week October. Again, it's very painful for us to hold the product back, but we want to make certain the product is our best foot forward, and hopefully get the same reactions from you to the MOTOPROs as we are seeing with the MOTOs

Switch Program: For those who missed the announcement, please read below (last week's update). Switch orders are continually going out. If you're still interested please email us at

eCommerce Sales: As a business we need to keep sales flowing in. As discussed in last week's update we turned on MOTO sales on our site only after all backers' orders were shipped first. Recently we also added a MOTOPRO pre-order. The price of the units is considerably higher now ($199) than what we had sold them at on Kickstarter/Indiegogo. Also these new orders will not ship until backers have received theirs - our backers are first in line. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on this. 


MOTO Status: This past week we nearly completed the shipment of all MOTO pre-orders (99% complete - I just learned there are a handful orders remaining that didn't go out due to Labor Day holiday in the US today). Many backers have now posted their tracking numbers, photos and reviews of their Domio MOTO, and the reviews are everything that we had hoped for! It just means so much to us to see our early backers this happy with the product and to get messages like the following:

“ order finally came today and let me tell you guys what it is well worth it. It works fantastic! I want to apologize for the not so nice emails that I sent in the past regarding this order because I’ll tell you what it is well worth the wait.. If you haven’t gotten your tracking numbers just be patient because when you do get it when you do get your speaker you’ll love it - it’s the best speaker I’ve come across yet for a helmet” - Ernest Quigley (Indiegogo backer)

MOTORPRO Status: Domio MOTOPRO orders are scheduled for shipment in early October. As revealed in last week’s update we unfortunately had to push back deliveries yet again (very late in our production stage, just before shipping them out) as we were simply not happy with the quality of noise cancelling we were seeing in certain situations. As a founder I cannot tell you how painful and difficult it is to make a call like this. On one hand you want nothing more than to deliver a product that is already 99% complete and sitting in our warehouse, make backers happy and begin selling it to the market. But on the other hand we really only have one chance to make a positive impression, and if you, our customers aren’t loving your Domio, then rushing it to you will not be worth it for anyone.  That being said I fully understand the frustration as we have delayed the PRO several times now, and so at the request of some backers we would like to offer you a choice...

Domio Switch Program:

If you do not want to wait any longer for your MOTOPRO order, you can switch your order to a Domio MOTO and get it shipped immediately. In exchange we will offer you a free Domio Moto Mount Kit (2 extra mounts) or Domio Noise Cancelling Earplugs. See details on the accessories here

How it works:

1. Email with your name, address and order number

2. Tell us your preference: Earplugs or Mount Kit

3. Your order will be shipped immediately. Please add 3-4 days extra if you choose the Mount Kit option as we are getting new stock in this Wednesday.

We know the wait has been long and our shipping projections were way too ambitious and just plain incorrect, but we are doing our best to be as transparent and fair as possible with everyone. It’s hard to be the bearer of bad news and make tough decisions that will make some people very unhappy in the shorter term, but our bet is this will all be worth it and hopefully forgiven once you get your Domios. Thanks again for hanging in there!

One more thing…

eCommerce Sales & Marketing: Many of you may have noticed that in the last couple of days we relaunched our website and began to sell the Domio MOTO for $199 to new customers. We have also turned on our marketing programs again on Facebook and other channels. I realize with all device names it may get confusing, but to be clear we have only started to sell the Domio MOTO after nearly all pre-orders were shipped to backers. We are not selling the MOTOPRO, and will not do so until late October after backers receive theirs. So please be mindful of this when you do see our ads or posts on social. I know some folks were getting upset about it.

Thank you,

Bart & Seb


Domio Sports


Status: Some not so great news from our side. Last week we started shipping the MOTO units and we were aiming to be finished shipping all of them by mid week. Two things happened that have set us back: 1) The final assembly training/ramp up was taking longer than expected 2) After shipping about 20% of the orders, we had to stop as we realized we were shipped the incorrect 3M adhesive for the mounts. The first 20% of orders shipped have the correct adhesive, but we had to pause the rest until we receive our replacements this Wed. We literally have a thousand units done and waiting for this adhesive to come in. 

What this means: Order shipping will resume this Thursday with all pre-orders for the MOTO being completed by the following week. Once this is done we move onto the MOTOPRO orders. 


Status: We are shipping! 20% of all MOTO pre-orders have been shipped and the balance will be completed this week. The pace is slower than we had hoped for as there was a longer ramp up in getting the first few hundred orders assembled and out the door. General learning curve stuff.  As our assembly team gets more comfortable this pace will only improve. 

Moving units across the border into US has gone smoothly (takes two days for everything to get into our warehouse and ready for customer distribution). 

MOTO PRO unit final assembly and shipment will start after MOTO is completed. 

Some folks must have already received their Domios! If you got yours please share your first impressions and let us and the other backers know what you think!


Status: Quick impromptu update to tell you MOTO units are in the US and shipping has officially started this morning! All MOTO units will be shipped by early next week. Then we move on to MOTO PRO.

Ask: If you're a backer who received your tracking number please share that you indeed received it on Indiegogo, Kickstarter or our Facebook page as it helps for those still waiting and perhaps doubting that shipping has indeed started. 


Status: Domio MOTO (no mic) units are shipping this week! We expect to have all pre-orders shipped out by Aug 5th. Domio MOTO PRO (with mic) pre-orders will ship shortly after. Target date for shipping to start is still August 12th.

Live Video Conference: Last Friday we held our second live conference with backers, where we provided a deeper explanation of our current status, took questions from backers and demo'd the ProMic™. If you missed it you can watch it here:

Update Frequency: We initially planned to post updates every 5 days. But it seems that this frequency is a bit tricky given the weekend and our factory not working on the weekend. So instead we will be moving to a frequency of every 7 days (each Monday morning as soon as we get the latest from our factory). Hope everyone is understanding of this.  


Status: Everything is still on track as of last Friday. We are waiting to get an update this morning from our Mexico facility. If there is new information I will add it here.  As of now we are scheduled to ship the MOTO units from Mexico to our US fulfillment center later this week, and order fulfilment to start next week (29th). 

Live AMA VC:  This Friday at 12pm EST we will hold our second live AMA-VC on Facebook. During the on air event, we will take any questions from backers and demo the ProMic™ live.

Sign up here:


Status: All outstanding supplies and new plastic components coming from China have been received by our assembly plant in Mexico last Friday. Final assembly has commenced today. We are expecting the same dates (July 29th) provided no hiccups in getting the units across the border to our US warehouse next week. 

AMA-VC: We need a few more days to organize the logistics of this, as we'd like to show an on-bike demo of the ProMic™. We'll update you with a date and time for this VC by end of this week. We're targeting to hold the event mid next week for now.


No major changes since the last update. We are pacing to start shipping the first MOTO units July 29th, and perhaps even earlier. Specifically, we are estimating backer tracking numbers to start sending out on July 29th with your orders en route.

Status: New replacement plastics for the mounts have been manufactured and are being express air shipped from China to Mexico for final assembly and packing. After this the units will be rush transported to our global fulfillment warehouse in the US for backer shipments. We've tested the new plastic mount components extensively this week on two dozen samples and are satisfied with their performance. The tolerance issue has been corrected.

Next AMA-VC: Given the good response to the first one, we are planning to hold a second video conference the week of July 23rd to debut and show a live demo of the Pro Mic™ in action. Stay tuned for details - we will share them next week on this portal.


Domio Backer AMA-Video Conference: Was held last week where Bart and Seb (founders) discussed the latest status of production and took questions from our backer community. If you missed it and would like to watch, we have it archived here:

Issue with a custom plastic component on mount setting us back from initially projected June 15th ship date: After passing initial inspection on manufacturing samples, we noticed a tolerance issue on higher batch production of the Domio mount levers. The higher than normal deviation could/would contribute to issues with mounting the Domio onto the helmet, thereby affecting sound quality. We made the hard call to halt production and change the component design. We have now adjusted the mold and are running a new batch of plastics. Unfortunately, this means a 2-4 week delay, after having delayed the product before. We apologize for this and are working as fast as we can to get this new component in, and finally get your orders out the door.

Latest shipping start dates:

Domio Moto: July 29th - August 5th 

Domio MotoPro: August 5th - August 12th







UPDATE - Feb 10th 2020

UPDATE - Feb 10th 2020


Will my add-ons be shipped with my Domio?