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Status: All outstanding supplies and new plastic components coming from China have been received by our assembly plant in Mexico last Friday. Final assembly has commenced today. We are expecting the same dates (July 29th) provided no hiccups in getting the units across the border to our US warehouse next week. 

AMA-VC: We need a few more days to organize the logistics of this, as we'd like to show an on-bike demo of the ProMic™. We'll update you with a date and time for this VC by end of this week. We're targeting to hold the event mid next week for now.


No major changes since the last update. We are pacing to start shipping the first MOTO units July 29th, and perhaps even earlier. Specifically, we are estimating backer tracking numbers to start sending out on July 29th with your orders en route.

Status: New replacement plastics for the mounts have been manufactured and are being express air shipped from China to Mexico for final assembly and packing. After this the units will be rush transported to our global fulfillment warehouse in the US for backer shipments. We've tested the new plastic mount components extensively this week on two dozen samples and are satisfied with their performance. The tolerance issue has been corrected.

Next AMA-VC: Given the good response to the first one, we are planning to hold a second video conference the week of July 23rd to debut and show a live demo of the Pro Mic™ in action. Stay tuned for details - we will share them next week on this portal.


Domio Backer AMA-Video Conference: Was held last week where Bart and Seb (founders) discussed the latest status of production and took questions from our backer community. If you missed it and would like to watch, we have it archived here:

Issue with a custom plastic component on mount setting us back from initially projected June 15th ship date: After passing initial inspection on manufacturing samples, we noticed a tolerance issue on higher batch production of the Domio mount levers. The higher than normal deviation could/would contribute to issues with mounting the Domio onto the helmet, thereby affecting sound quality. We made the hard call to halt production and change the component design. We have now adjusted the mold and are running a new batch of plastics. Unfortunately, this means a 2-4 week delay, after having delayed the product before. We apologize for this and are working as fast as we can to get this new component in, and finally get your orders out the door.

Latest shipping start dates:

Domio Moto: July 29th - August 5th 

Domio MotoPro: August 5th - August 12th


Will my add-ons be shipped with my Domio?