Honda Hits Insane Milestone

Honda Hits Insane Milestone

Dear Riders,
Four hundred million! That’s how many motorcycles and scooters the Honda Motor Company has produced since 1948. Founded, of course, by Soichiro Honda, as a purveyor of piston rings – he supplied to Toyota which was just starting to produce cars – Honda quickly determined that post-war Japan needed cheap transportation and thus the Dream “Model D” was born, powered by 98-cc two-stoke motor.
Crazy to think that four hundred million Honda bikes have been sold throughout Honda’s history. Currently 20 million get sold a year, 10 million of those in Asia and Indonesia while Europe and North America sell a combined 640,000 per year. Looking at those numbers just imagine how many more riders are on the road in Asia and Indo! Hopefully Honda keeps rolling out classics like the Goldwing, CB750, and the Rebel.
We love Honda here at Domio Sports. Without the hottest companies like Honda making people fall in love with bikes we would never have been able to get started as a Motorcycle Helmet Audio company.
Keep the good times rolling!


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Really solid

Mounts do not move once you put them on. I tried peeling it off the next day and you can't do it! This is some crazy strong adhesive

They work great!

I have multiple helmets so I bought another set of mounts and let me tell you, these things are SOLID! Once you slide your Domio into the mount, it is super secure. The Domio doesn't move around at all when riding.

Fanstastic for the price

I bought a whole bunch to put one on each of my helmets and also to have some as backup. 

Super Strong

These things are not coming off. Stronger than my GoPro mount.

Works even on my helmet

I have a peculiar helmet and these mounts conform right to it! I thought my helmet may be too extreme for these things to work so I put the mounts that came with my Domio on my more normal helmet. I bought some extras to try and it worked great!

Impressed with how simple they work

All you have to do is peel off the back, stick it onto your helmet, wait 30 minutes and your good to go. The Domio slides into the mount and is secured really snugly so I am never worried it may come off.

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