A game changer in helmet audio


Complete freedom - no wires, earbuds or speakers


Immersive sound without blocking your ears


Feel the music with Vibro-Audio™


Introducing the Domio helmet wearable

Powered by our Vibro-Audio™ technology, the externally mounted fully wireless Domio uses micro-vibrations to transform the inside of your helmet into an immersive sound system.

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Product features

Domio Helmet Audio Device
  • Bluetooth

    Powered by Bluetooth® 4.1 - easily works with all phones and MP3 devices.

  • Vibro-Audio™

    Domio uses our Vibro-Audio™ technology to transform the inside of your helmet into your own sound system.

  • All-Day Battery

    All-day battery even in the most extreme cold conditions. Never worry about losing a charge when on the slopes.

  • Environment Proof

    Domio has been designed to withstand the toughest conditions: ice, snow and rain. It's also shockproof.

What is Vibro-Audio™?

Traditional speakers transfer sound as energy through air. Domio transfers sound as energy  through solid materials. Our proprietary Vibro-Audio™ technology sends tiny micro-vibration pulses into the shell of the helmet creating a dome of audio on the inside. Think of Domio as car with an incredible sound system vs. using earbuds while driving (current helmet audio solutions).

The result is a fully immersive audio experience without blocking your ears to your environment. Domio keeps you safe and aware, while providing the best audio experience possible.

  • Secure mounting to the outside of the helmet

    Domio attaches to the outside of the helmet using secure 3M™ adhesive mounts making sure it will never fall off. Simply attach the mount to the helmet and then slide the device in, locking it in place.

  • Top mounting

    Recommended for a truly surround sound experience with balanced sound throughout the helmet.

  • Side mounting

    Slightly asymmetrical sound for riders who want to keep one ear more open to the outside environement. Easy access to controls. Very heavy bass.

Experience helmet audio like never before with Domio

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