A helmet audio revolution


Easily mounts to any helmet


Fully wireless with easy controls


Pairs with any Bluetooth™ device


Domio. The best in motorcycle helmet audio

Domio transforms any motorcycle helmet into a surround sound system. No wires. No speaker inserts or earbuds. Just stunning sound without blocking your ears to the outside environment, so you can hear everything around you.

Keep the electronics outside but the sound inside

Domio mounts to the outside of your helmet to create a insane audio experience on the inside. Traditional speakers work by transferring sound as energy through air. Domio transfers sound as energy through solid materials (the helmet shell).

 Our proprietary Vibro-Audio™ technology sends tiny micro-vibration pulses into the shell of the helmet creating a dome of audio on the inside.

See how Domio works

Product features

Domio Helmet Audio Device
  • Bluetooth

    Powered by Bluetooth® 4.1 - pairs wirelessly with any phone

  • Vibro-Audio™

    Powerful sound. Huge Bass. Our patented micro-vibration sound technology

  • All-Day Battery

    Micro-usb chargeable lithium ion battery yielding 24 hours of playtime even on maximum volume

  • Water Proof

    Over-molded rubberized durable exterior to withstand the toughest elements: dirt, water, sun, snow

Highway test - see how Domio sounds inside the helmet

Sound Outside the Helmet

Sound Inside the Helmet

  • Powered by Vibro-Audio™

    Keep the electronics outside your helmet and the sound inside. Domio's patented Vibro-Audio™ technology delivers the most stunning and powerful helmet audio experience imaginable. 

  • Total wireless freedom

    Domio easily pairs with any phone or Bluetooth device with the click on one button. No apps required. 

  • Exceptional surround sound

    Domio evenly distributes sound energy into the helmet creating an immersive sound bubble inside. It's like being in a concert hall!

Never ride without music again. Add Domio to your helmet

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