A revolution in helmet audio & comms

A revolution in helmet audio & comms

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"We tried their micro-vibration and love how it works"

Brandon Larson

Human Performance Technologist
Red Bull North America

Nothing inside the helmet

Domio Moto is completely external and drives sound directly through your helmet. No inserts or earphones are needed, so you can ride all day in complete comfort.

20Hz. 40Hz. 60Hz. 80Hz. 100Hz.

Unmatched audio quality

Traditional speakers work by transferring sound energy through the air. Powered by Vibro-Audio™ Domio is engineered to transfer sound as energy through solid materials (the helmet shell). The result is truly a rich, deep sound covering the full spectrum of audible sound - so powerful that you can actually feel it.

Hear the world around you

Keep the electronics outside but the sound inside. With nothing blocking your ears, you can listen to music and still hear the world around you. Ride safe and aware.