Transform your helmet into a sound system.


Hear it all - your music and your environment.


Feel the music with Vibro-Audio™


No earbuds. No speaker inserts. No wires.

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Watch Domio in action

Product Features

Domio Helmet Audio Device
  • Bluetooth

    Powered by Bluetooth® 4.1 - easily works with all phones and MP3 devices.

  • Vibro-Audio™

    Domio uses our Vibro-Audio™ technology to transform the inside of your helmet into your own sound system.

  • All-Day Battery

    All-day battery even in the most extreme cold conditions. Never worry about losing a charge when on the slopes.

  • Environment Proof

    Domio has been designed to withstand the toughest conditions: ice, snow and rain. It's also shockproof.


Our proprietary Vibro-Audio™ technology leverages micro-vibration pulses that transmit sound through a solid like your helmet, rather than air like a traditional speaker. The result is an incredibly immersive audio experience while keeping your ears open to the outside environment.

  • Easy mounting to your helmet

    Mount the Domio to your helmet, and use our extra support strap to ensure it never comes off! 

  • Top Mounting

    Recommended for a balanced, medium bass sound.

  • Side Mounting

    Recommended for more asymmetrical and high bass sound.